ANSI Compliant Gages

Plug and Ring Gages

R.L. Schmitt Co. manufactures standard fixed limit gages to ANSI standards. Yet not every need is “standard,” which is why we also make custom, “per print” gages at least 40% of the time. Whether your need is for a longer, shorter, altered or custom gage, we will be able to help. Even “part like” masters are available.

All plug gages are held to tolerances in the millionths of an inch and all gages are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

Available Types of Gages

RL-Schmitt-Carbide-Insert-Ring-GageCarbide Insert
Ring Gage
RL-Schmitt-Extra-Length-Reversible-Plug-GagesExtra Length Reversible
Plug Gages
RL-Schmitt-Master-Setting-DisksMaster Setting
RL-Schmitt-Progressive-Plug-Gages-Taperlock-StyleProgressive Plug Gages Taperlock Style
RL-Schmitt-Solid-Carbide-Ball-Gages-on-a-ShankSolid Carbide Ball Gages on a Shank
RL-Schmitt-Solid-Tungsten-Carbide-Plug-Gages-Reversible-TypeSolid Tungsten Carbide Plug Gages Reversible Type
RL-Schmitt-Steel-Ring-GageSteel Ring Gage
RL-Schmitt-Thread-Plug-Gage-Taperlock-StyleThread Plug Gage
Taperlock Style

Medical Gages

Special gages for the medical manufacturing companies, truly a life or death situation, are manufactured with the utmost care and precision. Medical gages are a “one-off” style and change constantly with technology advances. We offer special tapered multiple start thread gages, both internal and external. We can also offer special components for specialty medical devices, whether in stainless steel, carbide or ceramic.

Other Products from R.L.Schmitt


For prices, please send us your requirements (type, size, tolerances)

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