Apco Tool & Gauge distributes some of the best brands in the market today. We believe quality is the key to keeping cost low for the sophisticated manufacturing company today.

We carry the best brands from the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland as well as Japan. Our makers are certified in their own class, such as API, A2LA and UKAS.

Some of our partners

Broomfield Gauge Block
R.L.Schmitt, Carbide Thread Plug Gauge,Carbide Thread Ring Gauge
YPG, Yorkshire Precision Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge
Peacock Ozaki, Measuring Instruments, Dial Indicator, Dial Test Indicator, Dial Gauge, Digital Indicator, Dial Caliper Gauge, Dial Thickness Gauge, Digital Thickness Gauge, Dial Gauge Tester, Dial Gauge Calibrator, Bore Gauges
Meyer Gage, Pin Gage, Class X Pin Gages, Class Z Pin Gages, Class ZZ Pin Gauge Set
Spline Ring & Plugs, Western Pegasus, Concentricity Gauges, Arbors, Variable Indicating Gauges, Master Gear & Tester, Helical Master Gear, Spur Master Gear, Custom Fixture
Nidec, Tosok, Nidec Tosok, Air Gauge, Air Micrometer, 3D Scanner
SK Niigaata Seiki, SK, Pin Gauge, Steel Pin Gauge, Measuring Instruments, Taper Gauge, Angle Gauges, Levelnic
Saphirwerk, SWIP, CMM Styli, CMM Stylus, Stylus, Styli, CMM Probe, Ruby Ball Styli

Our Products

Tosok, Nidec, Nidec Tosok,3D Scanner
Nidec Tosok, Tosok, Nidec, Air Micrometer, Air Gauge, Flow Type Air Micrometer, Air Plugs
Peacock Bore Gauge, Cylinder Gauge, Bore Gauge, Peacock Ozaki, Dial Indicator
Peacock Dial Indicator, Digital Indicator, Peacock Dial Indicator, Dial Test Indicator
SK Steel Pin Gauge, Steel Pin Gauge, Ceramic Pin Gauge, Carbide Pin Gauge
YPG, Yorkshire Precision Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge
Meyer Gage BLACK OX CLASS ZZ Pin Gage
Broomfield Carbide Gauge Block Set