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A Swiss company with nearly 100 years of supplying components in advanced ceramic materials for most industries. Process reliability and a high level of quality are core values at Saphirwerk

We offer a wide range of products and finished components in various combinations of materials in the field of high-performance ceramics and in synthetic sapphire and ruby. We offer both standard products and those made to the customer’s specifications, e.g.:

• Precision balls (sapphire, ruby, other ceramic materials)
• Measuring styli and metrology accessories
• Micro dosing pumps mdp+
• Ceramic components
• Products for medical technology

Saphirwerk has its own calibration laboratory, accredited by SAS (SCS Swiss Calibration Service 073) with extreme precise measuring equipment. All parts are visually checked to ensure our customers only receive parts which meet specifications. We will happily provide a SCS certificate along with our parts.

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