Engraving Tools

engraving tools

Crown Cutters: High quality engraving tools for the professional.

Our CROWN CUTTERS are a very trusted name in the engraving & sign making world. We manufacture industry standardized tools, but with one thing extra: We can customize any tool to fit any application. We have been making specialized cutting tools since 1947 and plan on being around for many, many years to come.

RL-Schmitt-Half-Round-Collet-Cutter-Engraving-BLANKSHalf Round Collet Cutter Engraving Blanks
RL-Schmitt-One-Flute-End-MillsOne Flute
End Mills
RL-Schmitt-One-Flute-Engraver-MillsOne Flute
Engraver Mills
RL-Schmitt-Quarter-Round-Collet-Cutter-Engraving-BLANKSQuarter Round Collet Cutter Engraving Blanks
RL-Schmitt-Solid-Carbide-Collet-CutterSolid Carbide
Collet Cutter
RL-Schmitt-Taper-Shank-CuttersTaper Shank
RL-Schmitt-Two-and-Four-Flutes-Engraver-MillsTwo and Four Flutes
Engraver Mills

Half Round Engraver

The industry standard, well-suited to plastics, brass, aluminum, and some types of phenolic.

Quarter Round Engraver

Developed by R.L.Schmitt in the early 80′s for professionals engraving stainless steel. This tool works especially well for harder forms of materials (eg.white phenolic and stainless steel) while the “quarter” style allows for free cutting and rapid chip removal.


For burnishing or removal of lacquer coatings on trophy brass or removal of anodizing on aluminum. These tools leave a noticeable marking instead of cutting the metal.

Braille Cutter

These are used for ADA Braille Signage either by drilling a hole for the insertion of a Raster Ball, or by removing material to leave only a raised dot.

ADA Profile Cutter

Specially designed for deep, slanted cuts with small top opening. This cutter with it’s long, narrow, tapered point are used primarily to engrave the raised letters for ADA signage.


Only used on plastics or softer acrylics with a specific thickness, this tool cuts and bevels at the same time.

Parallel Cutter

Mainly used on plastics, parallel cutters produces wide large characters by cutting out and removing material. Available in sizes from 1/16″ to 1/4″.

End Mill or “Graver Mill”

This tool takes the concept of a parallel cutter yet becomes a more effective and efficient tool. These tools have 2 or 4 cutting flutes and are produced on long shanks to fit most top loading machines. The uses are many – cutting, profiling, milling, slotting, spot facing – and effective in almost all materials, including stainless steel.

One Flute End Mill

A relatively new tool for the engraving industry, this tool has one spiral flute, or cutting edge. The advantage of this tool is its ability to remove chips faster than other type of tools. By removing the chips, there is less chance for the tool to “load up” and mar the material being cut. By running this tool at a faster speed and faster feed rate, increased surface finish can be achieved with higher production. An excellent tool for routing, cutting, milling, etc.

Dovetail Cutters

Used primarily in plastic for cutting a dovetail groove, so that directory signage can be changed as needed, thus eliminating the need to replace the complete sign.

Diamond Drag

This tool has a piece of industrial diamond ground to 120 degrees, and is used non-rotating in order to engrave very fine lines or characters in silver, gold, pewter, or any other soft metal.

Four Facet Diamond

This tool is similar to a burnisher, except that the four flats are ground on the diamond. It is used to engrave on hard metals, glass, or marble and the use of coolant or a lubricant is recommended. Tip sizes are .005″ thru .030″ in .005″ increments.

Collet Cutters

Essentially same as the other engraving tools, but in a shorter version for a bottom loading machine spindle.

Other Products from R.L.Schmitt


For prices, please send us your requirements (type, size, tolerances)

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