Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools with an “Attitude” for Success

The R.L. Schmitt Co. is the sole manufacturer of “Attitude” cutting tools. This brand name covers solid carbide cutting tools, both standard and special per print. The tools are made on state of the art CNC grinding machines, and are made from the finest quality micro-grain carbide.

Benefits of Solid Carbide Cutters

With the exception of our diamond gravers, all of our cutting tools, whether engravers, endmills, routers, or specials per print, are manufactured from solid carbide, not brazed! As opposed to steel or carbide tipped tooling, solid carbide tools are inherently stronger and are designed for use by professionals.

Think about this: The weakest link in a chain will cause failure. A brazed joint in any cutting tool is the weakest link. With engraving tools, even though the task that they are meant to do may seem relatively minor, that task is extremely important, especially when engraving an expensive watch or cherished heirloom. The same applies to industrial applications where the raw material can cost thousands of dollars, and tool failure is unacceptable.

60+ Years of Experience

Since the end of WWII, we have been manufacturing solid carbide cutting tools and adapting material and design strategies to accomplish what the industry needs. Whatever the need, our tools will perform properly, efficiently and cost effectively. Whether standard or special cutting tools, we are ready to quote your requirement.

From single flute to multiple flutes, square end, ball end, corner radius, bull nose, stepped, or tapered, many of these tools are stocked locally in Livonia, Michigan.

Rib Cutters
Specialized tools used in the mold and die making industry for milling specialized slots or “ribs” in plastic injection molds that give the final product added rigidity and strength. These tools are made as small as .020″ and with tapers up to 4 degrees. We stock Rib Cutters available for immediate delivery.

Tapered Endmill
Quite similar to the rib cutters, but with a much larger size range, they are used for fast metal removal and profiling. A tapered ball endmill is an excellent tool for 3-D milling of metal or wood.

Engraver or “Graver” Mills
These are essentially standard style endmills, whether square end or ball, 2 or 4 flute. Engraver Mills have a short cut length, but a much longer shank for the top loading spindles found in the engraving and trophy making industry. Shank sizes from 1/8″ to 1/4″ are standard. Metric tools are also available and are exported on a regular basis.

Yes, every manufacturer claims specials are possible but here at R.L. Schmitt Co. a special cutter is almost standard. Because we are also a manufacturer of fixed limit gages, we know size. Our gage lab is traceable to NIST, which means that when we make a cutter a particular size, it is exactly that size. We have made 1.0000″ diameter endmills, 12″ long, round, and straight within .000050″ (50 millionths!). Try getting a tool like that from any other company and see what answers you get!

RL-Schmitt-Square-End-Engraver-MillsSquare End
Engravers Mills
RL-Schmitt-Standard-Ball-EndmillsStandard Ball
RL-Schmitt-Standard-Square-EndmillsStandard Square
RL-Schmitt-Tapered-Endmills-Ball-EndTapered Endmills
Ball End
RL-Schmitt-Tapered-Endmills-Square-EndsTapered Endmills
Square End
RL-Schmitt-Tapered-Rib-CuttersTapered Rib
RL-Schmitt-Corner-Radius-EndmillsCorner Radius
RL-Schmitt-One-Flute-EndmillsOne Flute

Other Products from R.L.Schmitt


For prices, please send us your requirements (type, size, tolerances)

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