High Speed 3D Scanner

Nidec Tosok High Speed 3D Scanner

Using Light Cutting Method, the 3D Scanner is suitable for a wide range of application such as Precise Measurement, Digital Archiving and Reverse Engineering.Because of its preciseness based on JSB7441, it is used in various fields such as jewellery, figure businesses.
Operation can be performed by setting the products on the equipped stage.
It automatically scans the object, finds the right place and proceeds STL data very quickly.

Product Outline
High-precision scanner based on JISB7441.Major Spec

  • Maximum permissible error : ±20µm(*1)
  • Repeatability : 10µm(*2)
  • Measurement range : Φ170 , height 40mm or Φ140 , height 110mm of cylindrical shape range
  • Minimum dot data space : 0.02mm
  • Data processing time from scanning to STL data output: approximately 10mins.

Based on JISB7441
Under the condition of NIDEC TOSOK std: temp. 20℃±1℃
In the case of work units size(L40*W40*H30), under the condition of NIDEC TOSOK std.
Data processing time dmay vary depending on the work unit size and surface characteristics

3D Scanner Reverse Engineer