High Speed 3D Scanner RVL6540-L 50um

Nidec Tosok High Speed 3D Scanner
The High Speed 3D a/scanner combines the superior image processing technology with non contact measurement using dual high speed camera and laser beam. The work unit on XYZθis fully scanned automatically at high speed.

  • Gain the competitive edge with our High Speed, High precision and affordable priced 3D Scanner. Offering optimized solution for measuring common resin cast products and reverse engineering
  • Faster measurement times with the High speed 360° scan and Minimal Part alignment and setting up.
  • Measure with confidence as our 3D Scanner is integrated with TOSOK high precision and reliable ball screw.
  • High speed data processing from scanning to STL data completion by automatic software
  • Achieve high precision with special analytical software equipped. This automatically integrates data and performs error compensation
  • Other functions
    • Outputs 3D CAD, STL file formats
    • Make a quick judgement visually with the Graphical presentation of reference data and measured data
Specifications For Model: RVL6540-L

  • Maximum Permissible Error (JIS B 7441) : ±50µm
  • Repeatability : 20µm
  • Scan Size: Φ200 x 150mm
  • Body Size: 652 x 485 x 618mm
  • PC : CPU:Xeon(R) 2core
  • Display Monitor : 20inch
  • Power Supply : 100V~240V
  • Power Consumption : 300VA
  • Weight : 66kg