Air Gage Dial Type Display Series DL-12, DL-24

Nidec Tosok Dial Air Gage Display MD-14, MD-24
  • The pneumatic micrometer offers all the advantages of non-contact measurement, high magnification, remote measurement, high efficiency, etc.
  • The high pressure air type allows for a wide clearance between the measuring probe and object, hence offers a wide measuring range and prolongs the probe life.
  • The precision regulator and amplifier relay assures accurate measurement, stable indication, and very quick response.
  • Magnification can be adjusted over a wide range, and any desired measuring range can be obtained simply by changing the scale board.
  • Not only the simple type but also the duplex type is very compact and easy to use.
  • The dual indicator has two pointers (black and red),facilitating the correlation of dimensions of two parts to be seen easily.
  • As the probe nozzle, even a nonstandard one can be used.
Nidec Tosok Flow Type Air Gage Display FT-5000
Nidec Tosok Air Gage Display CAG-2000