Air Gage Display Series CAG-2000

Nidec Tosok Air Gage Display CAG-2000
  • The 3-color color bar displays makes it easy to read measurement and judgment results.
  • The 8-digit alphanumeric display of measurement values and names makes operation easy.
  • Push buttons and external signals enable automatic performance of large scale and small scale master coordination.
  • The main unit having a width of 50mm contains two built-in A/E converters, and measurement and evaluation of a total of three parameters, consisting of measurement at two locations along with their arithmetic processing result, can be performed with a single unit.
  • Data output to the PC and printer is performed using the standard-equipment serial communication function.
  • Data saving, data processing and input to spreadsheet software (EXCEL, etc.) is possible.
  • By switching programs, 10 types of settings, and saving and switching of master values can be done.
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