Bore Gauge Short Type S series

Peacock Dial Bore Gauge


This is a compact cylinder gauge with a length below grip of 50 mm.
It is used when a standard item is too long to measure the object or a shorter length of below grip
is required for conveniently.
Specifications are same as standard model.

  • Dial gauge is not furnished and supplied only on request.
    Suitable dial gauges are 17Z, 57B (0.01mm) and 15Z, 5F (0.001mm).
  • The standard ball tipped at the replacement rod is made of steel.
  • The sintered hard-alloy ball is also available to tip are available.


Model Range (mm)  Probe Length (mm)
CC-1S 18-35 50
CC-2S 35-60 50
CC-3S 50-100 50
CC-3CS 50-150 50

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