R.L. Schmitt Products Overview

Products Manufactured from Carbide and/or Ceramic Gages

  • Cylindrical plug gages
  • Reversible, taperlock, trilock, progressive, master setting discs, ball gages, extra length
  • Thread plug gages
  • Fractional, decimal, metric, special pitch diameters
  • Cylindrical ring gages
  • Carbide inserted, solid carbide, progressive, true position, special lengths, special ID features

Cutting tools

  • Engraving tools, routing tools, rib cutters, standard endmills, metric endmills, extra long endmills, tapered endmills


  • Special gages for medical applications, tapered multi start internal or external thread gages. Special medical components for instruments or experimentation.

Engraving Tools

  • Half round or quarter round engraving bits, carbide engraving needles, Braille engravers, dovetail cutters etc.


  • Per print gages, medical devices, aerospace components. One-off designs of special widgets!

R.L. Schmitt Products

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