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Saphirwerk (Swiss) is the OEM supplier of styli and accessories to some of the most important measuring machine manufacturers worldwide as for example Carl Zeiss, Hexagon Metrology, Mahr, Taylor Hobson etc. Saphirwerk also specialise in special styli, produced according to our customers’ requirements or in cooperation with the customer.

Saphirwerk is able to bond 0.12mm-diameter ruby balls onto 0.08mm-diameter tungsten carbide shafts to form measuring styli. Thanks to these styli made with the smallest ruby ball currently available, coordinate measuring machines can function optimally to the highest degree of accuracy.

Applications include
• Metrology styli for
• Metrology accessories
• Special styli
• Styli for dial gauges
The main materials machined are:
• Alumina
• Zirconia (Y-TZP, Mg-PSZ, ATZ)
• Silicon Nitride
• Silicon Carbide
• Sapphire and Ruby
• Carbides

Other materials on request.

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