SK Pin Gauge Set

SK Pin Gauge SetThe SK brand is well known for three predominant features. Namely:

High Precision
The accuracy which will be the half century and a quality proof was always pursued from foundation, and we have got regular use from users.
There continues being a SK brand with high precision from now on based on the know-how cultivated in the long history, and the thorough management by a production line.
Excellent Function
A product is always made in a user’s position.
SK Bland answers to expectation that for which a user asks by using a form.
We would like to be in the existence which takes the part of responsibility for philanthropy.
The product which can bear various scenes enough is offered supposing all use scenes.
It is sure that the product of SK brand is easy-to-use, and helpful.

SK produces quality pin gauges from steel, ceramics and carbide. Click below for more info.

PG series Pin Gauge Set

PG Series

SK Niigata Seiki AA Series

AA Series

K Niigata Seiki Pin Gage AML Series

AML Series

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