Western Pegasus Master Gears & Gear Testers

Western Pegasus offers a full line of helical and spur master gears, rolling and setting masters for inspection and production applications. As with our complete spline gauge line, Master Gears are designed and built to AGMA, DIN, BS and other international standards. Master Gears are available to the following specifications:

Major diameter 250mm Max
Facewidth 100mm Max
Helix Angle 0-45
Module 10 Mod — 0.4 Mod
Diametral Pitch 2.54 DP — 63.5 DP
Western Pegasus is also pleased to offer gear rolling test stands. Our line of heavy duty gear testers are suitable for use in both laboratory and manufacturing floor environments. Used to check for errors in gear form, gear testers are available to the following specifications:

Model Number (with Linear Motion Guides)

P – 0 — LMG

  • Min Center Distance 35mm
  • Max Center Distance 200mm

P – 1 — LMG

  • Min Center Distance 40mm
  • Max Center Distance 220mm

P – 2 — LMG

  • Min Center Distance 60mm
  • Max Center Distance 350mm
Column, bevel and worm gear attachments also available

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